New Years/2012 begins on the blog!

Well, first and foremost, there were cupcakes for my mom’s Birthday.

And that would be me and my mom in Central Park for New Years Eve!

Fireworks through the trees to welcome the new year:)

2012, you must be pretty fancy to be welcomed with such lovely fireworks.

After the New Year and Birthday shenanigans, we made our way to Pennsylvania to visit some extended family. This is the market aka deliciousness!

Whoopie pies!!! Best ones are found at the market!

Tasty Cakes at the grocery store. I imagine heaven looks something like this only tasty cakes will be good for you.

And these doughnuts! Oh these doughnuts!

And I got to hang out with this guy. This guy by the way is very against having his photo taken. It was a lot of work to get a reasonable photo of him. Silly Benji!

All in all, not a bad New Years/mom’s Birthday/belated Christmas celebration!


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