Aimless Beauty

Sometimes I like to walk through the city. On those unexpectedly beautiful days that catch you off guard. The kind where you haven’t made plans but you don’t want to waste it. So sometimes I just walk around in a circle, or try to find streets I’ve never walked on before, or I just sit on a step and soak it all in….the weather, the Sun, the crazy city. I love the city on a Sunny, temperate, breezy day. Anyway, here are some (old) photos from just such a day earlier this year. I think this was February or March which means it was probably in 50’s and after a NY winter, that is a glorious temperature.

Ribbons in Trees. You are so artsy, NYC!

Mr. Softee: A sure fire sign that it’s a beautiful day out!

People and skateboards in the Square.

Shadowy buildings (that means the sun was out….another thing to treasure after an NY winter.)

The Farmers Market

Yummy apples at the market:)

A little Sephora makeover for the train ride home.

Nommies at the market.

I hope you enjoyed my little walk through the Square. I think random things like this are one of my favorite simple things about  living in NYC.

I hope you have an aimlessly beautiful day;)


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