The End of Succeeding;)

As some of you may know I was an usher at the Hirschfeld for almost 2 years (I went back to subbing in December…great decision for my life, but more on that later).

I worked Hair, Elf, and then How to Succeed as a regular usher the Hirsch with How to… being my last of course, and I was fortunate enough to work the final performance and attend the closing night party.

Me and Jen at the closing party

Heather and Jenn….some of my favorite ladies!

So many lovely people (and so many Jen’s 😉 Anywho, it was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with so many people that I have loved working with and it’s always nice to let loose and get to know some people even better in a celebratory environment.

It’s sad when a show closes but besides 1st previews, opening nights, and post Tony shows, closing shows are my favorite. Not because the show’s closing but because that last show always brings in such an enthusiastic and supportive audience and the performers let loose a little while really giving everything to that last song, dance, line. How to…. was no exception to that and the audience was super enthused. The entire Jonas clan came out to support Nick…it was really sweet.

Also, those Jonas/How to… fan girls are cah-razy! I mean that with love. I was once a Backstreet fan girl so I get it, but wow! A few of them figured out where the closing party was and stood outside the restaurant anxiously awaiting a glimpse of the coveted Jo bro. Or maybe hoping he would leave early so they could snag some photos/autographs on his way out. They probably didn’t get any at the stage door because those How to… stage doors were ridic.

I’m happy that I  got to work How to… while I did and was very happy to be there for it’s final chapter.


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