It’s Not Easy Being Green

Earlier this year the Museum of the Moving Image (in Astoria!) had a Jim Henson exhibit, and oh my lucky stars! It was amazing! There were so many Muppets and puppets and sketches, and scripts, and props, and Miss Piggy in a 1980’s wedding dress. It was glorious.

Museum of the Moving Image

Photos weren’t allowed in the exhibit but I snuck the photo below. Actually,   I think you might have been allowed to take photos of this but I wasn’t sure so I just stuck with my one blurry shot rather than risk life imprisonment;)

The Gang!

When I was finished in the Jim Henson exhibit I walked through the rest of the Museum. It’s a pretty small by way of NYC museums but there’s some really cool and interesting stuff. I didn’t take many photos and some things you weren’t allowed to photograph but I snapped the two below for your viewing pleasure;)

I’m not a Star Wars nerd, but I figured someone out there would appreciate this!

Guys! Back in the day The Mask was all time favorite movie! Full Circle!

Happy Monday!


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