Events of Titanic Proportions;)

If you know me, you know Titanic’s my historical thing. The history, the stories, the movies….totally my jam. So, earlier this year as they were prepping to release Titanic 3D James Cameron was making some press rounds and he did a Q&A at the Soho Apple store which I was able to squeeze in between work shifts. Perfect timing! I need to look up their schedule for future sessions like this. They have celebrities in there all the time answering questions and being awesome.

James Cameron! In real life! I mean, you could totally poke him or something.

Now, you may ask what the next two photos have to do with Titanic but these photos occurred the eve of my Titanic 3D viewing so I thought you should see them. Besides, Quinton and I don’t pass up fabulous photo ops often;)

I’ve never seen an American Pie movie but whatevs. Photo op!

Quinton! Stop being so fabulous!

By the way, if you don’t live in NYC or you missed your favorite person ever, fear not! Apple posts all of these sessions on Itunes as free podcast downloads. The series is called “Meet the Filmmaker.” You can find more info on future sessions here.

There was even a small Q&A with the audience. Like really small…3 questions. James is on a schedule, I guess. Psh! I thought about asking a question, thought of a few questions, debated which question was best and finally timidly decided on one during the session. Alas, they didn’t pick me. They were more into the over anxious James Cameron worshipers of the male species, but that’s cool.

But! I think I would have asked something along the lines of, “Hey, James! There are so many stories from and based on Titanic, both mechanical and human, but what’s your favorite human story from the actual event? Also, can we be besties?”

Totally intellectual, right?


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