I volunteer as tribute!

Proudly displaying our Tribute stickers!

No, actually I don’t. I’m not into killing my peers. But! I did volunteer to wear a sticker saying tribute at the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. I really enjoyed the movie They left a few things out, but if any movie was word for word the same as the book all movies would be at least 4 hours long, and then no one would go to the movies, and what’s a world without movies!?

Then! After I was like “maybe I’m done with midnight movies.” It felt old and really who knows, but I mean, standing in line, and running to grab seats, and evenly distributing my belongings across the seats I’m saving so no one else sits there until my crew arrives. Crew! Ha! Not hip hop, or gangster, it’s more like a friendship crew.

….Aaaand this post has no point anymore. Happy Friday!


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