Here’s a silly little post while I come up with more substantial, life changing things to write about;) Enjoy!

We all know I love theatre. And of course I grew up on movies so I’ve always loved them. But lately, I’ve found that a good film can bring me almost as much satisfaction as a good live show.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very different kind of satisfaction and one could never replace my love for the other. Lately I’ve been focused on seeing good movies that I actually want to see.

Movies are a bit more economical than live theater. Plus, I recently discovered On Demand. IFC’s On Demand channel has a lot of films before and during their time in theater available for 48 hour rentals usually costing around $7.00. Much better than the going rate of an evening outing to the movies is $14.00, and I get to sit on my couch and pause for bathroom breaks.

Anyway, here are some movies I’ve seen within the last couple of months and a few thoughts to go with each/ in theaters, on demand, and on Netflix. Not all of them are new releases, but they’re all out within the last year or two.

Newlyweds (instant play on Netflix) – simple story, interesting, realistic….I really enjoyed watching it.

Bachelorette  (on demand) – Not what I expected. Interesting and probably realistic for some friendships out there. The thing I had trouble with was that most of the characters are not good people. They’re not bad, they’re all extremely selfish and during the first 45 minutes I found it hard to root for anyone. One character does end up redeeming herself and you discover why she is the way she is. That part of the story was very interesting, I wanted a bit more of that.

Paper Man (instant play on Netflix) – I loved this film. So simple, unique, and although there’s a very small amount of fantasy in there, it’s very realistic. Please go watch this now!

Liberal Arts (on demand) – really enjoyed this film. Again, simple, easy to follow, realistic, well rounded characters. Highly recommend.

Friends with Kids (DVD via Netflix) – I enjoyed this film but at the beginning of the film I was hoping for one ending, got the opposite ending, and although I wasn’t totally satisfied  it was certainly the best ending given the circumstances. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good ending, you won’t cry from sadness but it was just an interesting journey.

Sleepwalk with me (on demand) – Again, a fairly simple story, and I enjoyed it but I don’t think I liked it as much as most people. It got raves from movie stars and critics. I liked it. I didn’t love it but that’s just my opinion, not a testament to the film making.

The Perks of Being a Wall Flower (in theaters) – Loved this movie. It was so free and real and lovely. I highly recommend seeing it. It was even worth my $14.00

Obviously what I like in film right now is that simple, uncomplicated human story that’s relatively realistic. I love going to the movies to escape. But sometimes it’s nice to watch characters that feel real go through real things and come out okay. A lot of these are more indie films than main stream although many of them were hyped  either way. And the ones that are mainstream still retain a bit of that indie spirit that I think adds so much charm.

On my”to see”  list for the coming Oscar season:
-The Master
-The Sessions
-Anna Karenina
-Les Miserables
-Hyde Park on Hudson
-Beasts of the Southern Wild

Obviously these are not indie films. But, it’s Oscar season so, blockbusters for the win!

I saw Argo and Pitch Perfect yesterday. Argo was amazing! You go on being super talented, Ben Affleck! I just wanted to throw some shiny golden men names Oscar at him. Geeze! And I loved Pitch Perfect, but in a totally different way. Except there was a lot of vomit. Otherwise, very enjoyable!


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