All you really need to know about me…

…is that I met this guy!



I work as an usher for a company that owns 5 Broadway theatres. Dan was in The Heiress on Broadway which played in a theatre my company owns. So, natch he was at the company Holiday party in December.

I legit fan-girled all over the place when I realized he was there. I’m basically 13.

Now, when there is someone I really want to meet/talk to I don’t like to interrupt them while they’re eating or talking to other people. I think it’s considerate and respectful and starts us out on the right foot for what’s bound to be a lifelong friendship. Or a 30 second conversation. Same thing;)

So, I did the only thing I could. I kept an eye on him (in a totally non-creepy way) and when he went to the bar for another drink I followed along (dragging my friend Mark behind because I wasn’t going this alone and I needed a witness). While he was waiting on his drink I made my move.

Here’s how it went down (roughly):

Me: Hi Dan…?

Dan: (turning around a dreamy slow motion movie kinda way) Hi

Me: Sorry to bother you, but I’m an usher and I haven’t had a chance to work The Heiress yet but I’m a huge Downton fan and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your work.

Dan: Oh, well thank you. What’s your name? (putting hand out to shake mine)

Me: (shaking hands with Dan) I’m Elizabeth

Dan: Well, it’s very nice to meet you!

Me: You, too! Um, would you mind terribly being in a picture with me?

Dan: Of course not!

Me: (looking around…everyone’s pre-occupied. Witness this moment, people!) I’m not sure who can take it…

Dan: Well we can just take it ourselves

(I put my camera {iphone} on self portrait mode, we sort of lean in, and voila!)

Me: Thank you so much!

Dan: No problem! It was nice meeting you.

Me: You too! Have a good show tonight (I pat him on the shoulder. Weird? I don’t know. It felt really right in the moment).

(I walk away and promptly freak out! I mean, he took a self portrait with me so obviously, we’re going to be bff’s!)

End scene.

Dan is legit one of the nicest people I have ever met. Well, as nice as you can be in 30ish seconds. This will forever be my facebook profile picture. Sorry, future friends, husband, and children. I definitely have my priorities in order;)

On a completely different note, I am working on some more posts, but I’ve been slow getting to the blog this week and they are a bit more thoughtful and less fan girly so they require some time. Hopefully I’ll post again this weekend.

Happy Friday, friends!




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