I’m working on setting feminism back 50 years…

Not really.

I’m all for feminism. I mean, no bra burning over here. Just your usual “equal-pay-equal-rights-wondering-why-male-politicians-are-tying-to-tell-me-what-to-do-with-my-reproductive-organs” kind of feminism.

But one day I still said this to my roommate as I dramatically threw myself onto the couch at the end of a long work day:

“I really hope that when I get married I can be a stay at home mom, because I can barely work and take care of myself.”

My roommate immediately burst into fits of laughter because she said it was such an honest statement.

Sidebar: Speaking of fits of laughter watch this video. It’s legit (It thought it was a parody at first), and my roomie is legit concerned she might have this condition. She doesn’t. But how SNL hasn’t thought of this I’ll never know.

End tangent.

There are a lot of things I want to do with my life besides be a mom (stay at home or not), but sometimes I say stuff like this anyway. Adulthood is fairly over rated. I mean I like it. But if we could cut back on that pesky working thing that would be great;)


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