All the stuff I didn’t blog about: Fall 2012 edition

Are you ready for this? It’s pretty epic. Two more like this coming your way. Then we’re all caught up and I will hoooopefully get my act together and update this thing on a regular basis:)

*Huuuuge inhale*

My friends Tara and her hubby Joe had the good fortune of car sitting for a month or so in the Fall. So Tara, Cocoa, and I drove up to our friend Henry’s house – about an hour and a half outside the city – to hit up some apple orchards:)





This is what we did with our apples:


Apple pie & apple crisp. Nom nom.

Tara, Joe, Henry, and I  are also avid Downton Abbey fans. I mean if you didn’t already know I’m a huge Downton fan and you’re one of my 8ish regular readers, then I’d like to know what rock you live under. So avid in fact, that we literally could not wait until January for the new episodes. Literally. We would have exploded into tea cups and fancy hats;) So we watched online each week after it’s UK airing. Naturally, the occasion called for a fancy hat!


Crazy kids:




My mom came to visit in mid-October and among other things we hit up the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. Neither of us had ever been before, and it was the last day of their Monet exhibit. They designed (I don’t know the proper word) garden clusters to resemble his paintings. And they had a couple original works of his on display, too.




Me in the rose garden

Aside from Monet my favorite exhibit was definitely the children’s garden. Since it was Fall they naturally made everything out of pumpkins!


Pumpkin bug! I would be way more into bugs if they looked like adorable pumpkins. Take note, bugs. Be adorable.


Pumpkin Zombie! This doesn’t make me like zombies but who knew you could do that with a pumpkin!?

We also took a mini road trip to Pennsylvania to visit some family. This is outside the Central Market. It’s one of my favorite places for food shopping and general merriment.


Halloweeeeen! You guys, my halloween costumes (yeah, multiples) were epic. But that hurricane Sandy had something to say about Halloween this year.

Halloween outing #1 took place the Sunday before. The St. James had a little shindig and we all ate a lovely catered brunch in the mezzanine lobby in costume.


Hair preview for costume #1


Sandy from Grease drinking a hurricane. Get it? Get it? Hurricane Sandy. Boom! Mind blown, right? The drink is actually red Gatorade. This was a work party. Employers: please note my extreme responsibility here;) I also chose to do 2 Halloween costumes because in the event that the hurricane was really bad (and it was for some) I didn’t want to be insensitive.


The St. James crew! I won 3rd place in the costume contest:) Oh hey, Starbucks gift card!

During Hurricane Sandy I had some free time so I carved a pumpkin. A Mckayla Maroney pumpkin. You’re welcome.


In all her glory!

In all her glory!

Please note: It is possible to get sick of oreos. At the grocery store I really thought cereal, oreos, and peanut butter would last me for at least a week. After 2.5 days I was done. No worries! I’ve since recovered my oreo appetite.

Halloween was the day after Sandy and Cocoa decided to get festive with her pumpkin costume.



I was Lady Mary (in mourning?) Black was the easiest costume option.


Lady Mary ready for a night on the town!

The trains still weren’t running so Tara and I tried to go to our favorite bar but there was a line out the door. Not to be a snob, but we don’t do lines. Especially at a place you can usually walk into and get a table. So we roamed around but everywhere was packed. Cabin fever. We ended up opting for wine on my couch in costume. No regrets.


Cocoa also had 2 costumes. This is her as “sexy” Dorothy. Legit, they just miniaturized the adult sexy Dorothy costume.

Birthday shenanigans pt. 1:


Drinks at Glass House Tavern on my Birthday eve with lots of lovely people all in one place:)



Alison gave me this Birthday card. It’s maybe my favorite Birthday gift ever.

Birthday shenanigans pt. 2:


Birthday Brunch the morning after. Squish! This is probably my favorite ever photo of Alison and I.


After brunch we did a little shopping. Some of my favorite people in this photo!

Birthday shenanigans pt. 3 (because I’m the Birthday girl and I can!):


Hat party. It was small but super fun! Cocoa doesn’t have any hats so she wore my favorite party dress instead.


Threatening to eat Cocoa. So basically a normal day at home.


Cocoa & Henry love. Maggie Smith face.


Ellen! I don’t see this lovely lady enough!


I voted! So so so important. If you don’t vote, then when things don’t go your way you can’t complain. And now I have fulfilled my preaching quota for today.

Fuerza Bruta:


You can take photos in the theatre during this show. Unheard of and amazing!





Dan really enjoyed the show, too. He’s like Flat Stanley. Only grown up and hotter;)




The ensemble. Remember, I’m vain;) Guys! I curled my hair.



Me and Kristy!


My delish cooking. That stuffing is what I’ve eaten since I can remember. I made a few small adjustments to vegan-ize it. The gravy is also vegan and I found the recipe online. And the “turkey” is actually fake meat from an Asian grocery mart in Soho. I’m not vegan, but I have vegan tendencies and Kristy is vegan. And, even the meat and dairy lovers really enjoyed it:)


We’re fuuull!


Of course Cocoa dressed up for the occasion.

And breathe. Phew!

Winter 2012 edition coming soon to a blog near you;)

Happy Friday! It’s weekend time:)


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