The last few weekends

May has been sorta crazy. To start off I flew to Orlando for a couple days to see my cousin Ian graduate college. Then 2 weeks later I flew to SC for a solid 40 hours to attend my friend Kayla’s wedding:) And this weekend I’m flying back to Orlando to see my younger cousin Connor graduate high school. Since I was traveling so much I left Cocoa with my family in Orlando (they drove her back to SC with them) and it turned out to be s mart decision. Poor thing ended up being diagnosed with bladder stones. She had surgery yesterday and is totally going to be fine. But if she had been with me when all her bladder shenanigans were happening it would have been more difficult to handle and I probably would have had to take a day or two off work. Which I’m willing to do, but if it can be avoided all the better. Thanks, mom!

Anyway, here are photos from the college graduation, wedding, and all the shenanigans in between:)

DSCN1511 (2)


He looks like a celebrity greeting his adoring public.

DSCN1536 (2)

Ian with my mom. It’s unintentionally candid (redundant) and I kind of love it.

DSCN1530 (2)

The cousins!

DSCN1544 (2)

Ian gave a little speech at lunch. He looks like a young Jon Hamm, no?


Photo on the menu. Celebrity.


Baby girl lounging in Orlando. Life is hard.


Work follows me.


We went to Harry Potter World! If you don’t understand the next several photos, you don’t understand me.


Except this one. This was just a cool duck hanging at the restaurant where we ate lunch.












The following weekend My friend LeeAnn and I ate here and saw Macbeth on Broadway with Alan Cumming.


Tara and I checked out a rooftop bar for her bachelorette party!


I guess these views are okay;)

I also went to a coworker’s Burlesque show with some girls from my new office. I don’t have any photos but I can assure you it was a lot of fun!


Sunday brunch with Alison!


I entered a healthy cooking competition at work. I don’t know how healthy this actually was (which is probably why I didn’t win) but my original plan ended up disgusting (pumpkin quesadillas) so spinach dip and rice chips for the (not) win! All the entries (including mine) were vegan and gluten free. Also, I fried up those rice chips myself:)


Then it was off to SC for Kayla’s wedding! Here she is as her dad walks her down the aisle.


This is the groom’s face as she walks down the aisle. I always look at the groom but this time I took a photo and I kind of love the expression on his face!




After the ceremony they danced down the aisle!


There were some mad libs and this is the advice my friends and I left for the happy couple!


With Ashley, the maid of honor:)


With Kate!!!

I also saw The Last 5 Years off-Broadway and I saw Matilda! All thoroughly enjoyable!

I didn’t really take any pictures from this past weekend (Memorial Day), but it was (for the most part) a solid balance of being lazy vs. being social. On Saturday night I met up with Sarah. We got a light dinner at Le Pain Quitodien, a cocktail at The Smith, and then saw Iron Man 3 (really enjoyed this!). On Sunday I rented On The Road (not sure how I feel about the movie, but I feel the same way about the book. On the bright side, Kstew may be a reasonable actress after all!) on demand and took a bike ride. Monday I got up earlyish and saw Frances Ha (highly recommend…super charming).

The weather on Monday was lovely, too:) I also got to see my friends Tara and Joe, but it was under some unfortunate circumstances which I’ll tell you about later:( I mean, we’re all physically and friendship-wise fine, but it’s something that deserves its own post and I’m not prepared to write about it now.

And on that ominous note I leave you with my super grown up realization that I had on Thursday/Friday: I don’t have time for things that don’t make me happy.

Right?! Do you feel me? I can’ t go super into detail here (it wouldn’t be professional), but I will say that I was ushering a show and for one specific reason (not involving the show itself or the other ushers) I no longer enjoy working that theatre, so I will work that theatre no longer. I will come back to it in a few months maybe. I’m not protesting it, I just need to be at other houses for a while. And I feel super relieved to have made this declaration! Not like it was bothering me, like I knew a declaration was coming but didn’t know what it would be. It’s just nice to realize things like this sooner in life as opposed to later, I think.

Okay, I’ll stop being deep now. Talk soon, sweet friends!


PS I worked on my layout a bit, just simplified the side bar, moved some things to the footer area, and changed the title. Thoughts?


All you really need to know about me…

…is that I met this guy!



I work as an usher for a company that owns 5 Broadway theatres. Dan was in The Heiress on Broadway which played in a theatre my company owns. So, natch he was at the company Holiday party in December.

I legit fan-girled all over the place when I realized he was there. I’m basically 13.

Now, when there is someone I really want to meet/talk to I don’t like to interrupt them while they’re eating or talking to other people. I think it’s considerate and respectful and starts us out on the right foot for what’s bound to be a lifelong friendship. Or a 30 second conversation. Same thing;)

So, I did the only thing I could. I kept an eye on him (in a totally non-creepy way) and when he went to the bar for another drink I followed along (dragging my friend Mark behind because I wasn’t going this alone and I needed a witness). While he was waiting on his drink I made my move.

Here’s how it went down (roughly):

Me: Hi Dan…?

Dan: (turning around a dreamy slow motion movie kinda way) Hi

Me: Sorry to bother you, but I’m an usher and I haven’t had a chance to work The Heiress yet but I’m a huge Downton fan and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your work.

Dan: Oh, well thank you. What’s your name? (putting hand out to shake mine)

Me: (shaking hands with Dan) I’m Elizabeth

Dan: Well, it’s very nice to meet you!

Me: You, too! Um, would you mind terribly being in a picture with me?

Dan: Of course not!

Me: (looking around…everyone’s pre-occupied. Witness this moment, people!) I’m not sure who can take it…

Dan: Well we can just take it ourselves

(I put my camera {iphone} on self portrait mode, we sort of lean in, and voila!)

Me: Thank you so much!

Dan: No problem! It was nice meeting you.

Me: You too! Have a good show tonight (I pat him on the shoulder. Weird? I don’t know. It felt really right in the moment).

(I walk away and promptly freak out! I mean, he took a self portrait with me so obviously, we’re going to be bff’s!)

End scene.

Dan is legit one of the nicest people I have ever met. Well, as nice as you can be in 30ish seconds. This will forever be my facebook profile picture. Sorry, future friends, husband, and children. I definitely have my priorities in order;)

On a completely different note, I am working on some more posts, but I’ve been slow getting to the blog this week and they are a bit more thoughtful and less fan girly so they require some time. Hopefully I’ll post again this weekend.

Happy Friday, friends!



That time I said I was back and promptly disappeared for a month…

Yeah. Sorry about that. Truth be told, I don’t have any exciting reason for re-disappearing. My schedule is pretty nice right now in terms of having some free time and still making money but I somehow still find it a bit overwhelming. Balance is a bit of a struggle in terms of what I’m doing vs. what I should be doing vs. additional things I want to start doing.

And truthfully I got spoiled at my day job. Many days there wasn’t much to do and I could sort of dawdle away the time. January and February are usually especially good for this. But this year it has been especially busy with little free time. I mean, I know I’m at work. I’m getting paid to work, so it’s fine, it’s just changing from the mind set of “oh I didn’t do that, I’ll do it at work,” to “I have to do that now because I won’t have time at work.”

On the bright side: I started going to yoga class and have weekends. Guys! Weekends are not over rated! I love them. Sometimes I go shopping or to brunch and sometimes I stay in sweat pants until 4pm.  I mean 2 days to do whatever I want!

Well Barry Manilow has a Saturday night show so not 2 full days. More like 2 days except for 4 hours. But still.

And yes, I’m ushering the Barry Manilow concert currently. It’s awesome. I mean Barry’s great but it’s awesome because I get to hand out glow sticks and deal with some hardcore fanilows. Like people who have denim jackets with Barry’s face painted on it. I know about denim jacket based on hearsay but it’s something fanilows are entirely capable of.

And a note on glow sticks: pretty much everyone is super excited about them. And everyone else although cautious is willing to give them a chance. But some people are legit terrified of the glow sticks. Like, everyone seems reasonable until I hand them a glow stick and then their true personality comes out. And you realize some people are no fun at all.

If you are unwilling to take the glow stick I’m pretty sure we can never be friends. The glow sticks know all.

My glow stick baby.

There is roughly 4 months of activities for me to catch you up on. And I will. But not all at once. I’m going to pace the posts and try really hard to update this space a lot more frequently. I really enjoy blogging so I’m not sure why I do it so little.

Happy Tuesday, sweet friends!

The End of Succeeding;)

As some of you may know I was an usher at the Hirschfeld for almost 2 years (I went back to subbing in December…great decision for my life, but more on that later).

I worked Hair, Elf, and then How to Succeed as a regular usher the Hirsch with How to… being my last of course, and I was fortunate enough to work the final performance and attend the closing night party.

Me and Jen at the closing party

Heather and Jenn….some of my favorite ladies!

So many lovely people (and so many Jen’s 😉 Anywho, it was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with so many people that I have loved working with and it’s always nice to let loose and get to know some people even better in a celebratory environment.

It’s sad when a show closes but besides 1st previews, opening nights, and post Tony shows, closing shows are my favorite. Not because the show’s closing but because that last show always brings in such an enthusiastic and supportive audience and the performers let loose a little while really giving everything to that last song, dance, line. How to…. was no exception to that and the audience was super enthused. The entire Jonas clan came out to support Nick…it was really sweet.

Also, those Jonas/How to… fan girls are cah-razy! I mean that with love. I was once a Backstreet fan girl so I get it, but wow! A few of them figured out where the closing party was and stood outside the restaurant anxiously awaiting a glimpse of the coveted Jo bro. Or maybe hoping he would leave early so they could snag some photos/autographs on his way out. They probably didn’t get any at the stage door because those How to… stage doors were ridic.

I’m happy that I  got to work How to… while I did and was very happy to be there for it’s final chapter.

Video Links

I’m pretty sure I promised my lovely readers links to these videos at some point in previous posts. So, here they are! Enjoy:) Also, more posts coming soon! I’ve been settling into a new apartment so my head just stopped spinning. Love!

Dan the Rad saying farewell. A beautiful curtain speech!

Nick Jonas’s curtain speech at the final performance of the show