Something New…

Hi everyone! So, I’ve decided to try something new. I’m attempting to simplify my internet life – delete accounts I don’t use, consolidate where I can, unsubscribe from e-mails, etc. It might sound silly, but I just don’t want to get bogged down by the internet. I like having it as a place for creativity and I’m most creative when I’m not bogged down by logistics.

So, what does this mean? I’m switching blogging platforms to Tumblr! I’ve been using tumblr for a while as a supplement to this blog (although I haven’t advertised that) and I think I would like to post there exclusively for a while and see how that goes. If I don’t like it I can always come back here. Tumblr is very easy to use and I’m hoping it’s format will encourage me to post more frequently.

I did a little makeover on it last week and I really like the freedom I have to edit the design and make it my own! Something this account only allows minimally (although I’m fairly happy with the current design) and I tried but that is nooooot my jam. All those files that it put on my computer? Greek to me:p

As of right now I don’t have any big exciting post waiting for you on my Tumblr account (well, the last thing I posted there was pretty epic, but…oh, you’ll see;). I hope to write one in the next few days and as always whenever I write a blog post from scratch (i.e. not when I reblog because on Tumblr you can do that) I’ll be sure to post it on my Twitter and Facebook.

So follow me:

Also, who knows how to merge a blog with a Tumblr? Anyone? Bueller?

Happy Monday!


Weekend Contemplations

Just some food for thought for your weekend!

Relevant nudity that doesn’t involve Lena Dunham (I admire Lena for having a “normal” body and not being afraid to show it off, but showing off a “normal” body shouldn’t be news worthy. Turns out she looks like most women. Case in point: the link above. Happy to see people slowly embracing a more reasonable standard.)

The Hunger Games: Victory Tour (be still, my nerd heart!)

The man who shot Bin Laden (brilliant article about a heroic person trapped in a broken system)

I hope you find something interesting above. I’m off for some show seeing, wine drinking, glow stick wrangling, pancake eating, and Oscar watching this weekend:)

What about you?

This Summer….

I survived a hurricane.

I went shopping at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market and bought some vintage earrings

I saw Midnight in Paris (and now I want to move there)

I saw Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows pt. 2 at midnight, in Imax 3D, with 7 friends, while dressing like a member of Gryffindor

I went to Broadway Bares and saw some very good looking people dance around on stage scantily clad (all for charity of course)

Gay marriage was legalized in NYC and I am so happy for all my friends here who now have equal rights!

I went to some cookouts where Cocoa was very popular

I learned the joys of instagram

I learned how to disable auto-correct on Talulah (my iphone 4) (settings => general => keyboard =>auto-correct=> onoff)

And finally…..drum roll please…..I reached 3 years of living in NYC! Actually, it has been 3 years and 5 days since arriving, 3 years and 4 days since my mom drove back to SC, and 3 years and 3 days since I had my first full day in NYC all by my (grown up?) self.

Some of these events deserve photos. I will try to post a few soon. Many additional lovely events occurred this Summer which deserve longer posts that I will also hopefully write sooner rather than later.

Happy labor day, friends!

Royally Obsessed

Hello friends,

It has been far too long since my last blog post. I have just been so busy in the last few weeks but I have a list of posts that I need to write and I am going to try to post pretty regularly over the next few days/weeks to get caught up.

I have been fortunate to participate in some pretty fun activities recently and also to have some pretty cool visitors in my apartment. This post is going to be relatively brief because it is focusing on my more recent (and probably completely silly) obsessions: royals!

That’s right, I have been bitten by the British royal fever. Since Kate and Will got engaged I have been keeping up to date on all the latest royal happenings. There’s no specific reason, I don’t know any royals, I will (likely) never be a royal, and while I desperately want to visit London, I have never been there. Anyway, I think it’s just the fantasy of it all and the “every little girl wants to be a princess” syndrome. And there are worse things that I could be obsessed with. And obsessed might be strong. More like strongly interested. There are no photos of Kate and Will hanging around my apartment. I just like reading about their adventures and seeing what she is wearing. I mean even if you hate the royals, you have to admit, she is an incredibly classy dresser.

Anyway, it all started with the royal engagement:

And then they started doing official events together, and look how classy!

Followed by the Royal wedding (yes, I got up at 4:30am and I have no regrets. I absolutely adore weddings so this was total fantasy world for me!)


And then they kept being classy…

And then they started touring Canada:

And I really just want her whole wardrobe.

And I have realized how underused hats are in the USA! I just love the British hats!

So, now I might buy this hat on etsy:

So that about sums it up! Also, Harry, I’m still available;)

More posts coming soon! Happy Sunday, friends!

Catching Up

Dear friends, I apologize for my lack of posts recently. I have been super busy, without internet at my apartment this week, and currently am at the Miami airport waiting on my connecting flight to Nicaragua! So excited for a vacation:) So when I get back I promise to catch you up on my life, my vacation, and of course Fashion Fridays. I have a couple back logged photos. Have a wonderful day. Love to you.