Connor’s high School Graduation

NOTE: This post was originally published on my (now) old Tumblr on June 25th, 2013.

My third and final trip of May was back to Orlando for my cousin Connor’s high school graduation!

It was a really nice weekend of graduating, a lunch for Connor, shopping, and eating brunch at Bravo where Ian is a server.


Ian, Connor (the graduate), and myself after his high school graduation.


Brothers. Also, please note: Connor’s swag (literal and figurative, but mostly literal in this case).


Apparently Connor will carry Ian through anything;)


I like your hat!


Ian and his dad (my uncle) Mark at Brunch that Sunday. It was also Mark’s Birthday! 32 and lookin’ good;)

I love visiting my family in Orlando…..we always have a great time! Can’t wait for the next visit!

Also, look at me updating my blog like a good girl. More coming your way soon since I finally got my photos uploaded!


Reasons to Love South Carolina

I probably should have titled this “the post I should have written in May since these photos are from April,” buuut better late than never, no? Okay, Enjoy!

My family!

My mom and some adorable pups.


My step-niece who has her learner’s permit now:0 Mind blown.

Running into people you know at the Mayberry festival. Yes, you read that correctly.


These beautiful ladies!

Becky’s pet pig:)

Internet, meet Batman!

Becky’s baby! (Again, mind blown!)

My friends have babies. It’s weird. And awesome. But still weird.

And last but certainly not least: Little ladies who sun themselves on the front porch!

Cocoa and Tootie

Have a happy week, friends!

Guatemalan Gifts


My roomie Tara went to Guatemala on vacation a few weeks ago and brought me back a few trinkets which I love.

I use the floral pouch to keep my glasses in (although I may end up using for display more than practical uses because its just so pretty!), the little pouch has worry dolls in it, and of course the chocolate was delish! I just love it all.

Thanks, Tara!

Zipping through Nicaragua!

One of the highlights of my trip to Nicaragua was zip lining. Below are some video accounts of the event. It was pretty scary at first but so much fun:)

Here is Amy zip lining:

…and here I am:

Nicaragua was a great vacation away from NYC and unlike any other place I have visited. It is hard to sum everything up into one blog post so I’m just going to list some fun facts I learned while I was there below.

Fun facts:
1. People like to ride in the backs of pick-up trucks
2. Public transportation takes place via old school buses from the USA and they are usually decorated
3. Stray dogs are very common:( but there are some with good homes too:)
4. It’s always hot. I knew this but for real, there are no seasons except for rainy and dry
5. Rain storms happen fast (literally, they last for maybe 20 minutes) and furiously
6. Architecture of homes is a lot different there and just the general look. Lots of colors and very square houses
7. Some of the most beautiful, tropical scenery I have ever seen is located in this amazing place

I’m sure there are more than 7 things I learned while I was there. I will try to list more as I remember. I also want to take a minute and say a huge thanks to Amy who was kind enough to tote me around the country and let me stay at her beautiful house:) You can read her blog here: