My Life According to Buzzfeed

I’m working on the final installment of Everything I didn’t blog about. Look for that soon. But for the weekend I leave you with these gems.

My life story according to BuzzFeed:

This is my shopping story.
I love Sex & the City, but YES!
All of college. Home work or SVU? Never a question. SVU.
I love my friends
My childhood!
The Golden Girls knew what was up. I still go to them for advice.
This is how I feel about exercise too, cat.
Re the Mindy Project: Yes!
Today. And every Friday.

You’re welcome. Happy Friday!


Things I’ve Seen

I just want to update so much and yet when I have time, I get lazy. I think it’s the idea of posting photos to my blog. Not like it’s exactly complicated but it’s a process and I wish they could just appear on here. See? Laziness. Anyway…

The title of this post sounds kind of like it could be intellectual and perceptive, but it’s mostly referring to movies and plays.

Okay, so I saw Green Lantern. It was a midnight showing. I am not sure it was worth the sleep I lost to be honest. It wasn’t a bad movie, but it wasn’t exactly the best comic book super hero turned movie I have seen. It needed more suspense. Ah well. Ryan Reynolds made up for what the movie lacked. His acting was fine but mostly I mean, he is gorgeous! And of course I love my friends!

I also saw Bridesmaids which was a lot of fun. It was funny, entertaining, and endearing. Not the best movie ever but worth checking out. Anyway, who doesn’t love Kristin Wiig?

Then I saw Bad Teacher. It was fun. See it at a discount theater.

Okay, plays. Recently, one of my good friends was nice enough to offer me a comp to a new play by Zach Braff called All New People. I really enjoyed it. It was funny, touching, and sincere.

Last month, my friends and I saw (that’s the wrong word, experienced is more like it) Sleep No More. It is an interactive, immersive theatre experience that uses the storyline and characters from Shakespeare’s Macbeth and throws in a few characters from Hitchcock’s Rebecca. Immersive? Interactive? Yup! I followed characters around and ran up and down countless flights of stairs to keep up. It was amazing and not like anything else. It is located in an old hotel in Chelsea and set in 1930’s (not sure I have the time period right?) England. I saw so much but I also missed so much so I definitely want to go back. I also need to brush up on my Macbeth so I can really know who is who but even if you don’t know the story it’s still an amazing experience that I highly recommend going!

So, that’s what I’ve seen. Hoping to get up in time for an early showing of Midnight in Paris tomorrow!

Love love love!