Ramblings and Such….

NOTE: This post was originally published on my (now) old Tumblr on June 28th, 2013.

I’ve been working to perfect my new blog’s new theme and as of right now I am loving it:) Unfortunately, I have not been feeling very blog post inspired. I mean I will give you some pics with sassy commentary below as is the norm around here. But alas, deep musings and witty prose of my current opinions and inner most feelings are just not working their way on to the blog as of late.

I’ll try to write something philosophical next week.

In the mean time:


A couple weeks ago some coworkers threw a little party and we had a clothing swap! It was my first clothing swap. I only got a few things, but they were real gems. Yes, that poncho is now mine. Perfect for winter nights on the couch. I promise not to wear it with the duck face. Okay, promise is a strong word. I’ll TRY.


On Saturday I went to my co-worker Destiny’s (suburbanwifecitylife.tumblr.com) housewarming in Jersey. Her family recently made the move from Brooklyn to the ‘burbs, and their house is adorable!! 

Destiny is lovely. She wears cute dresses and insists that her amazing house warming party was just “thrown together.” I would have had to plan that sucker at least a year in advance. Props, D!


Case in point: The party favor was a build your own bag of popcorn/candy from a popcorn bar she created. She had these adorable bags and you could fill them with popcorn, seasoning of your choice, and candy. I mean, that alone would have been at least 3 months of planning for me;)


On Sunday I went with Alison and Sarah to see Man of Steel. I enjoyed it, but even if I hadn’t, he’s kind of okay to look at, so whatevs.

Otherwise, this week I attended a work party at The Delancey which was quite fun. Sorry kids, no photos….I wasn’t in the snapping mode but in case you’re wondering: the view from the roof was of graffiti’d trucks. I kind of loved it. I think a really good city needs a little grit.

And that’s my story this week. Cocoa got sick again but she’s all better now (phew!). Poor thing’s had a crazy 2 months but hopefully that’s all done now!

This weekend I’m ushering, rushing a show, brunching x2, and taking care of some housekeeping/primping needs. More to come soon!

*Friday Dance*