Connor’s high School Graduation

NOTE: This post was originally published on my (now) old Tumblr on June 25th, 2013.

My third and final trip of May was back to Orlando for my cousin Connor’s high school graduation!

It was a really nice weekend of graduating, a lunch for Connor, shopping, and eating brunch at Bravo where Ian is a server.


Ian, Connor (the graduate), and myself after his high school graduation.


Brothers. Also, please note: Connor’s swag (literal and figurative, but mostly literal in this case).


Apparently Connor will carry Ian through anything;)


I like your hat!


Ian and his dad (my uncle) Mark at Brunch that Sunday. It was also Mark’s Birthday! 32 and lookin’ good;)

I love visiting my family in Orlando…..we always have a great time! Can’t wait for the next visit!

Also, look at me updating my blog like a good girl. More coming your way soon since I finally got my photos uploaded!


Reasons to Love South Carolina

I probably should have titled this “the post I should have written in May since these photos are from April,” buuut better late than never, no? Okay, Enjoy!

My family!

My mom and some adorable pups.


My step-niece who has her learner’s permit now:0 Mind blown.

Running into people you know at the Mayberry festival. Yes, you read that correctly.


These beautiful ladies!

Becky’s pet pig:)

Internet, meet Batman!

Becky’s baby! (Again, mind blown!)

My friends have babies. It’s weird. And awesome. But still weird.

And last but certainly not least: Little ladies who sun themselves on the front porch!

Cocoa and Tootie

Have a happy week, friends!

My mom’s visit

My mom came to visit me the week before my Birthday, and we had so much fun! We went to the Transit museum, the Met, Macy’s (4.5 hours, 6 floors…we’re serious about shopping), and ate lots of good food:) Below are some photos of her trip. The photos of us together are on her camera so I will have to steal them later. I don’t have any photos from our Macy’s shopping trip but I do have a credit card statement;)

Queens! I live there:)

Subway cars were much prettier back in the day, don't you agree?

Look at that rattan seating. I'm sure it didn't wear well but it was pretty comfy when I sat on it.

Even the advertising was cuter.

No air conditioning. Can you imagine summers underground during rush hour? Ew!

Armor at the Met! I wish they had real people wearing that stuff as an interactive display. It seems so fairy-tale like. And uncomfortable.

Pretty, pretty....

Monet, you always knew what to do with a water lilly.

I love a little Van Gogh in my life.

Some bamboo on the roof! You could take a guided tour through that stuff.

A Polaroid Perfect Summer

What a great Summer! I cannot believe it is almost over but I have to say I am incredibly grateful for this cooler weather. I wanted to do several posts this Summer documenting some of the awesome things I got to do. However, since I was sans blog for a while I decided that rather than try to do an individual post for each activity, I would create polaroids to highlight some of my favorite moments from the Summer that I didn’t already write about on here. So below is my Summer in Polaroids. Hope you enjoy:)

My mom, aunt, and cousins came to visit in May. Here are my cousins and I on the Brooklyn Bridge

She & Him concert at Terminal 5 in July!

My friend Darin was kind enough to let me be his plus one to the Memphis Tony's party. Here I am with Matthew Morrison at the party:)

Hanging out in Central Park trying to get Merchant of Venice tickets with my friend Ryan. We didn't get them but it was a fun experience.

Went to see A Winter's Tale the next weekend in Central Park with Pep. I was killing time waiting for him so I decided to do a little self portrait with my lovely feather.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with Ryan:)

Well Season Concert at Prospect park in Brooklyn with Megan.

Encore performance at the Swell Season Concert. Everyone including the opening act (Low Anthem...check them out) gathered around one microphone singing folk songs.

My step-niece and I on Top of the Rock when she and my mom and step-dad came to visit in August!

My mom and I during the same visit. Best mom ever!

Benji, my family's dog....he's so cute!

Ryan and I at Coney Island enjoying the beach:)

My old college roommate, Gina came to visit me because she lives in Connetticut now:)

Roller Coasters at Six Flags. That trip was one of my best Summer decisions.

Darin, Ryan, Kristy, and me at the end of our Six Flags adventure!

I went to see South Pacific its closing weekend and met some friends afterwards. I decided to keep it classy with wine and really what's classier than wine from a sippy cup?;)

My baby girl!

Pep's Birthday at Grey Dog Cafe. We all took turns dawning the yellow bow that topped my present to him.

Billy Elliot softball team. I love being part of this team. Definitely a highlight from my summer!

My friend Eli invited me to a taping of the Nate Berkus show which was pretty fun. I was hoping for some freebies and I got this book. Then I sold this book at the Strand but it was still fun!

Also, if you love Polaroids like me but don’t have a camera I made all of my photos into digital Polaroids at Warning: It may be addictive:)

At home

My first post on my new blog…..woot.

It seems the most recent excitement in my life occurred over Christmas break when I went to Pennsylvania an NYC.

My  mom,  step-dad, step-niece, and I all left for Pennsylvania on Dec. 28th and it was amazing. We saw family, visited te 300 year old farmer’s market and ate amazing food you can only get in Pennsylvania. But as much fun as it was, in my mind, it was all a count down to Sunday when we left for  NYC.  I felt like I was home the entire time I was there. I didn’t like going in the hotel because I didn’t want people to know that I was indeed a tourist. So, because if I attempt to describe everything I did in NYC and how it made me feel this will be the longest post to date from me which we all know will be pretty lengthy. So, here is a snapshot:

Window displays at Saks and Macy’s, Trump Tower, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Radio City Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular (which included an absolutely beautiful living nativity), Cute pizza parlor, Touristy souvenir shop, Today show, confetti wishes, Matt Lauer waving at us, Random people yelling “Go Tigers” as we walked around in our orange, mom’s Birthday, Lunch at an over priced TGI Friday’s on 5th Avenue, truly surprising mom, Times Square for 9 hours,  Hannah Montanna (which will thankfully make my step-niece’s best friend jealous), sharing fries with stranger, random people making out in front of us, Ice skating at Rockefeller Center, Olive Garden and Hershey’s Store at Times Square, Central Park, Lunch in Central Park, Belvedere Castle, Build-a-Bear, Toy-R-Us, indoor Ferris wheel ride, Little Mermaid on Broadway, cast autographs, Sherie Rene Scott, 13 hour car ride home, and lots of picture developing:)

NYC  was wonderful. There was a slight reality check….i.e. rude people who I am happy to say we did not have to encounter 2.5 years ago when I first went to NYC but what is great is that I don’t care…..rude people or not, I just felt like I was home.

So, much more to update you all on and I will try not to take too long. This is the blog that I will most likely have when I move to NYC so bookmark it and leave comments:)

love and hugs