My Life According to Buzzfeed

I’m working on the final installment of Everything I didn’t blog about. Look for that soon. But for the weekend I leave you with these gems.

My life story according to BuzzFeed:

This is my shopping story.
I love Sex & the City, but YES!
All of college. Home work or SVU? Never a question. SVU.
I love my friends
My childhood!
The Golden Girls knew what was up. I still go to them for advice.
This is how I feel about exercise too, cat.
Re the Mindy Project: Yes!
Today. And every Friday.

You’re welcome. Happy Friday!


Fashion Friday, Fashion Any Day

So, my Fashion Friday series has been inconsistent, obviously. I apologize. I think the best thing is to just make a fashion category on my blog so I can post fashion related items whenever I please. Committing to one day out of the week is maybe not the best for me as lately, my Fridays seem too busy for blog posts. I hope you all don’t mind. I promise to post an amusing fashion related story soon (I have one) and in completely unrelated news, I also promise to write a post about my trip to Nicaragua as well as my Birthday:) Love to you and yours!

The full ensemble

Necklace from Topshop, shirt from Old Navy

Belt from Forever 21, Skirt from thrift store

Fashion Friday back log

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I was on vacation last week (a post about that to come later) and jumped right back into lots of work when I got home. Anyway, I know it’s Tuesday but I thought I would go ahead and upload my backlogged fashion Friday photos so that I am all caught up and can start fresh this coming Friday. Hope you enjoy:)

White Old Nave shirt, high waisted Gap skirt (purchased at rhift store), forever 21 belt, boots from lulus

Dress purchased from ebay, Old Navy cardigan, and there's that red Forever 21 belt again:)

And I paired it with some patterned tights to make it extra funky:)

H&M dress, black Old navy cardigan ('s so versatile)....a fun transition from Summer to Fall:)

Again, the patterned tights. They were almost too much with the striped dress, but I think they are perfect for this outfit. And those black flats are from Target.