Connor’s high School Graduation

NOTE: This post was originally published on my (now) old Tumblr on June 25th, 2013.

My third and final trip of May was back to Orlando for my cousin Connor’s high school graduation!

It was a really nice weekend of graduating, a lunch for Connor, shopping, and eating brunch at Bravo where Ian is a server.


Ian, Connor (the graduate), and myself after his high school graduation.


Brothers. Also, please note: Connor’s swag (literal and figurative, but mostly literal in this case).


Apparently Connor will carry Ian through anything;)


I like your hat!


Ian and his dad (my uncle) Mark at Brunch that Sunday. It was also Mark’s Birthday! 32 and lookin’ good;)

I love visiting my family in Orlando…..we always have a great time! Can’t wait for the next visit!

Also, look at me updating my blog like a good girl. More coming your way soon since I finally got my photos uploaded!


The last few weekends

May has been sorta crazy. To start off I flew to Orlando for a couple days to see my cousin Ian graduate college. Then 2 weeks later I flew to SC for a solid 40 hours to attend my friend Kayla’s wedding:) And this weekend I’m flying back to Orlando to see my younger cousin Connor graduate high school. Since I was traveling so much I left Cocoa with my family in Orlando (they drove her back to SC with them) and it turned out to be s mart decision. Poor thing ended up being diagnosed with bladder stones. She had surgery yesterday and is totally going to be fine. But if she had been with me when all her bladder shenanigans were happening it would have been more difficult to handle and I probably would have had to take a day or two off work. Which I’m willing to do, but if it can be avoided all the better. Thanks, mom!

Anyway, here are photos from the college graduation, wedding, and all the shenanigans in between:)

DSCN1511 (2)


He looks like a celebrity greeting his adoring public.

DSCN1536 (2)

Ian with my mom. It’s unintentionally candid (redundant) and I kind of love it.

DSCN1530 (2)

The cousins!

DSCN1544 (2)

Ian gave a little speech at lunch. He looks like a young Jon Hamm, no?


Photo on the menu. Celebrity.


Baby girl lounging in Orlando. Life is hard.


Work follows me.


We went to Harry Potter World! If you don’t understand the next several photos, you don’t understand me.


Except this one. This was just a cool duck hanging at the restaurant where we ate lunch.












The following weekend My friend LeeAnn and I ate here and saw Macbeth on Broadway with Alan Cumming.


Tara and I checked out a rooftop bar for her bachelorette party!


I guess these views are okay;)

I also went to a coworker’s Burlesque show with some girls from my new office. I don’t have any photos but I can assure you it was a lot of fun!


Sunday brunch with Alison!


I entered a healthy cooking competition at work. I don’t know how healthy this actually was (which is probably why I didn’t win) but my original plan ended up disgusting (pumpkin quesadillas) so spinach dip and rice chips for the (not) win! All the entries (including mine) were vegan and gluten free. Also, I fried up those rice chips myself:)


Then it was off to SC for Kayla’s wedding! Here she is as her dad walks her down the aisle.


This is the groom’s face as she walks down the aisle. I always look at the groom but this time I took a photo and I kind of love the expression on his face!




After the ceremony they danced down the aisle!


There were some mad libs and this is the advice my friends and I left for the happy couple!


With Ashley, the maid of honor:)


With Kate!!!

I also saw The Last 5 Years off-Broadway and I saw Matilda! All thoroughly enjoyable!

I didn’t really take any pictures from this past weekend (Memorial Day), but it was (for the most part) a solid balance of being lazy vs. being social. On Saturday night I met up with Sarah. We got a light dinner at Le Pain Quitodien, a cocktail at The Smith, and then saw Iron Man 3 (really enjoyed this!). On Sunday I rented On The Road (not sure how I feel about the movie, but I feel the same way about the book. On the bright side, Kstew may be a reasonable actress after all!) on demand and took a bike ride. Monday I got up earlyish and saw Frances Ha (highly recommend…super charming).

The weather on Monday was lovely, too:) I also got to see my friends Tara and Joe, but it was under some unfortunate circumstances which I’ll tell you about later:( I mean, we’re all physically and friendship-wise fine, but it’s something that deserves its own post and I’m not prepared to write about it now.

And on that ominous note I leave you with my super grown up realization that I had on Thursday/Friday: I don’t have time for things that don’t make me happy.

Right?! Do you feel me? I can’ t go super into detail here (it wouldn’t be professional), but I will say that I was ushering a show and for one specific reason (not involving the show itself or the other ushers) I no longer enjoy working that theatre, so I will work that theatre no longer. I will come back to it in a few months maybe. I’m not protesting it, I just need to be at other houses for a while. And I feel super relieved to have made this declaration! Not like it was bothering me, like I knew a declaration was coming but didn’t know what it would be. It’s just nice to realize things like this sooner in life as opposed to later, I think.

Okay, I’ll stop being deep now. Talk soon, sweet friends!


PS I worked on my layout a bit, just simplified the side bar, moved some things to the footer area, and changed the title. Thoughts?

What an update!

Long time no post. Anyway, time for a few updates.

The day after the Swell Season Concert I went to Minneapolis, Minnesota with my mom to shop at the Mall of America. This was part of my graduation gift from my family and it was awesome. My mom and I had a really great time! We walked the entire mall, spent a lot of money, explored downtown Minneapolis, rode the rides in the indoor amusement park at the mall, and had good quality mother, daughter time. I never realized before how much like my mom I am…..crazy.

After we got back I went to the Reserve to fill out paper work because I was supposed to waitress there but they kept messing up my schedule and the communication was horrible so our of frustration I went job searching again and got a job at the second place I went to…..a preschool literally two minutes from my house so I have been working there for about a month now and even though its hard sometimes I generally like it.

As many of you know I was in Alice in Wonderland at the children’s theatre and even though I had about 3 weeks of work, rehearse, sleep repeat and every few days spend insane amounts of money on gas, it ended up being a great experience. I got to know some pretty cool people, got out of my comfort zone, and I feel like a much better singer and actor for it. The little kids that came to see the show were soooooo cute. I signed so many autographs and it was just amazing. A lot of my friends came to see it (thanks to those) and it was great to see all of them! One little girl who’s playbill I signed came up to me and said “Hi, Alice” in the cutest most awe struck voice. She was dressed like Alice and was wearing a pin that had a picture of Alice from the movie on it and she showed it to me and said, “look, it’s you!” So freaking cute! There were also a few girls who said I was their favorite Alice and/or their favorite part of the show which just made my day. 

This past week I taught drama camp at CLT to 3-5 graders. My group of kids were pretty good. They listened well and were a lot of fun. I really loved working with them and I think they all had fun. The parents gushed and I loved the whole experience so while I loved it I’m kinda relieved now because the only thing I have on my plate right now is work and I haven’t had that in a loooooooong time! 

Ok, deep breath! This is a long post but a lot has happened since my last post. I apologize for the lack of good writing this post probably contains but now you’re up to date. I will try to update more frequently from now on.

Love and hugs:)

So close


Production Studies Exam
Chaucer Exam


Wild weekend

Just a little update for you all since I have posted in a while.

Friday: class, work, meet with professor, Greenville with Laura for a silent dinner (I love ASL!!!), Didn’t get Teach for America, felt oddly at peace about that and moved on, sang at Cabaret (a random college goal of mine) with the lovely Anna:)

Saturday: Slept in, left for home, wrecked my car, burst into tears, randomly discovered that my friend John Mark was behind me and so he and his mom stopped (thankfully) and stayed until my mom and step-dad showed up, got all of that straightened out, went out to lunch, got  a new cell phone, saw my pets, brought Cocoa to Clemson for a visit, watched a movie with Tori and went to bed:)

Sunday: Ate breakfast at MoeJoe’s, DCF for church (They had their annual gallery which is always amazing), did homework all day, went to the Botanical Gardens with Laura and Cocoa, did more work, watched my favorite tv show, slept:)

P.S. I’m now driving a large white Chevy truck….it’s kinda sexy. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself to make up for the fact that it loves to drink up the gas.

School’s almost over!!!!

ASL Exam
Research proposal
Stage Combat Scene
Production Studies Test
Chaucer Exam
Shakespeare take-home exam