All the things I didn’t blog about: Winter/Spring 2013 Edition

Here it is! The third and final installment of “All the things I didn’t blog about.” Are you excited? Is the anticipation killing you?

Well. Get to it, then;)


I mean…


Alison’s Birthday!


Alison, Sarah, and I have been planning days out for each other’s Birthdays. This was Alison’s day out: we went to the Guggenheim, ate lunch at a diner, had a quick break (Alison napped and we waited in line for rush tickets to a show), ate dinner at a delish hibachi restaurant, and went to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Then we capped it all off with a glass of wine at Glass House Tavern. What a lovely day!


I curled my hair for the Barry Manilow opening night. Too bad it was cancelled. I’m still too cool for school. (This is an expression. Stay in school, kids.)


I cleaned out the Blue Man box office where I worked. Cleaning is a favorite activity of mine. Because I’m the coolest. Obviously.


Then Barry Manilow opening night actually happened.


…at the Copa, Copa Cabana.
That was original. Also, No idea what the inspiration for our expressions was.


More selfies. And yoga. I did yoga. Then I stopped because I got bored but it was fun for a while.


National Pancake Day. Appropriate celebrations.


It snowed….


Tara and I went out and about in Soho in search of vintage wedding dresses. We didn’t find much but it was fun. And we did stumble across some love bombs.


I experimented with wearing a lot of jewelry at once. And I liked it.


My goddaughter (yes it’s Tara’s cat, and yes I’m serious) Miu (aka Ofelia) turned 8 so we threw her a little party. See? I’m definitely cooler than you.


Cocoa attended wearing her finest party dress.


Cocoa also got all of her toys out while I watched one of the Twilight movies. Obviously she’s a werewolf and her toys are vampires. I raised her well.


Grace church on Broadway. I used to walk by it all the time when I would walk from Union Square to Blue Man and finally got a chance to go inside.


And one of their members was on the Titanic. You know Titanic is my historical thing so I dorked out a bit.


Some more wedding dress shopping.


My mom and aunt came into town. First things first, we hit up Pomme Frites for some delicious fries:)


We took a peak at the Freedom Tower’s progress.


We saw this guy on Broadway.


And we ate nom-a-licious doughnuts at Doughnut Plant.


It snowed. Again.


I bought this skirt and then saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s while wearing it. It just seemed like an appropriate combo.


We finally had some sunny days so Cocoa and I took advantage of the hammock.



Documenting a good hair day. Because when you’re approaching Spring and it still feels like the middle of Winter you take the small victories.


This is where Cocoa hides when I cook. Apparently my domestic streak makes her nervous. Or my cooking. Or something’s really wrong with my stove.


My co-worker brought in some delish treats from Veniero’s to celebrate/mourn my last couple days at work. Update: I quit because I got a new job. Still working for Blue Man but now I’m full time at the corporate office:)


My pink Easter bunny. It’s a good thing Cocoa loves me.


Celebrating Tara’s Birthday after my first full day on the new job. I felt so grown up/like a real person.


My friend Kendra is really into Japanese culture so naturally, some girls went to her place and we dressed up like Geishas.




Sarah’s Birthday! We took her to lunch at Eataly, got manicures, went to the museum of sex, roamed around with coffee because we ended up with extra time, ate dinner at Hooters (we are the classiest), and did karaoke at one of those rent-a-room to sing in places. It’s great because you don’t have to hear other people sing badly. Only you and your friends.


Tara and I tried out Martha’s Bakery in Astoria. Their iced mochas are banging’ and the eclairs are ridiculous. It’s going to be a problem. I could have worse problems though;)


Self explanatory.




I was trying to grow my bangs out, but I lost patience and just cut them off. I still mostly wear them to the side but their more manageable. They were at that awkward not quite long enough to pull back, not quite short enough to wear down phase.


I color coded my wardrobe. I recommend it. Now I know what colors to avoid when shopping (black and blue) and what colors to pursue (pinks and reds).


This face!


I took myself to the Met a couple weeks ago to see the Fashion & Impressionism exhibit. If you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it. It was very thorough and super interesting. I wasn’t allowed to take photos in the exhibit but here’s a selfie in one of the fancy wings.


And after browsing the exhibit, stumbling across photography in the Civil War exhibit, I successfully got myself lost in the Met. Easy to do and kind of my goal. Stumbled across this, went in, ended up in the 360 degree Versailles room (another spot I highly recommend and it’s permanent), and finally found my way to the exit.

I hope you enjoyed! Next, I’ll update you on what I did the last 2 weekends and we can officially call it caught up! Let’s hope it stays that way. I’m gonna do my best!

I’m sure I did other things, like see shows I forgot to mention or whatever, but I just gave you the photo highlights of 2013 so far. Winter was crazy long but it finally ended/is ending:/ and I can see the light that is Summer. But having a Spring has been nice (when it’s not raining).

This weekend I’m off to SC for 40ish hours to go to my friend’s wedding (dear friends, stop growing up!), so I’m pretty excited about that!

Talk to you (blog at you?) soon! Happy Wednesday!!!


That time I said I was back and promptly disappeared for a month…

Yeah. Sorry about that. Truth be told, I don’t have any exciting reason for re-disappearing. My schedule is pretty nice right now in terms of having some free time and still making money but I somehow still find it a bit overwhelming. Balance is a bit of a struggle in terms of what I’m doing vs. what I should be doing vs. additional things I want to start doing.

And truthfully I got spoiled at my day job. Many days there wasn’t much to do and I could sort of dawdle away the time. January and February are usually especially good for this. But this year it has been especially busy with little free time. I mean, I know I’m at work. I’m getting paid to work, so it’s fine, it’s just changing from the mind set of “oh I didn’t do that, I’ll do it at work,” to “I have to do that now because I won’t have time at work.”

On the bright side: I started going to yoga class and have weekends. Guys! Weekends are not over rated! I love them. Sometimes I go shopping or to brunch and sometimes I stay in sweat pants until 4pm.  I mean 2 days to do whatever I want!

Well Barry Manilow has a Saturday night show so not 2 full days. More like 2 days except for 4 hours. But still.

And yes, I’m ushering the Barry Manilow concert currently. It’s awesome. I mean Barry’s great but it’s awesome because I get to hand out glow sticks and deal with some hardcore fanilows. Like people who have denim jackets with Barry’s face painted on it. I know about denim jacket based on hearsay but it’s something fanilows are entirely capable of.

And a note on glow sticks: pretty much everyone is super excited about them. And everyone else although cautious is willing to give them a chance. But some people are legit terrified of the glow sticks. Like, everyone seems reasonable until I hand them a glow stick and then their true personality comes out. And you realize some people are no fun at all.

If you are unwilling to take the glow stick I’m pretty sure we can never be friends. The glow sticks know all.

My glow stick baby.

There is roughly 4 months of activities for me to catch you up on. And I will. But not all at once. I’m going to pace the posts and try really hard to update this space a lot more frequently. I really enjoy blogging so I’m not sure why I do it so little.

Happy Tuesday, sweet friends!